October 01, 2:36 PM

37.7479° N, 84.2947° W

Prayer is the foundation for personal evangelism. It’s also the foundation for corporate evangelism. Heck, it’s the foundation of our entire lives…..but this is about evangelism so hang with me.

If you talk with Jason Koerner, he’ll tell you that the Richmond Campus has already launched. “We don’t need a building to have a church. The church has already launched.” Jason and his team have already started building relationships. They’re walking through open doors and their being super aggressive with taking the message of Jesus to Richmond and we haven’t sung one song, preached one message, passed on communion tray, or collected one offering. 

And, Koerner and his team have been praying - A LOT. So let’s join them.

Let’s pray for our Richmond team as we join together to unleash the message of love and hope throughout Madison County. The coordinates for Richmond are 37.7479° N, 84.2947° W. So let’s grab those last three numbers, “947” and set our watches for 9:47am/pm and pray for 3 minutes for our Richmond Campus. 

Pray for open doors. Pray for awareness and the courage to step through them. Pray for the people in Richmond and with them when possible. Pray that our team will be real, trustworthy, and responsible with the message of Jesus. Pray for the team. Pray that our friends in Richmond will be responsive to the message. And then, keep praying. 

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