Jason Koerner

Richmond Campus Pastor

August 29, 9:20 AM


Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. When will the Richmond Campus start? In a way, it’s already started!  We will have a dozen or more groups available to join this Fall  here in Richmond and some of them are ones that will serve in the community.   The Church is the people so, in that sense, we are already here in Richmond!  
  2. When will we start a Sunday Morning Service? We are working towards starting the first quarter of 2020.  We are dependent on a few things some of which include:
    1. Having a contract for a building to meet in
    2. Completing the Georgetown campus building so we can inherit their portable equipment (Trailers, Sound Eqpt, Children’s Eqpt, etc.)
    3. Hiring staff and training volunteers
  3. Where will we meet?  We will most likely start at a school (similar to how our Georgetown campus started).  During the week, we will have offices here in Richmond for our for meetings, trainings and smaller events.
  4. What staff will we have just for Richmond? 
    1. Campus Pastor: Jason Koerner
    2. Associate Campus Pastor: Josh Garrett
    3. Worship and Programming Pastor: Kirk Mays
    4. Campus Coordinator: TBD 
    5. Production Associate: TBD 
    6. Student Pastor: TBD 
    7. Children’s Pastor: TBD
  5. How can I help? Glad you asked!  There are a few things you can do NOW! 
    1.  Sign up for a group this Fall in Richmond! 
    2. Volunteer at the Lexington Campus to learn how we do things so you can be ready to go!
    3. Pray for God’s leading of His people in Richmond!
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