Jason Koerner

Richmond Campus Pastor

October 29, 10:55 AM

Launch Meeting

This past Sunday, we had 120 people stop by and visit us after church at the Lexington Campus to say they are "in" for our newest Southland Campus of Richmond KY! Almost everyone also said not only are they signing up to attend when we open on Sunday mornings in 2020, but they want to help now do whatever they can to get things launched!  At my campus pastors training (yes, there is such a thing) we learned that you need 100 committed volunteers to launch a new campus.  I'm not thinking that's going to be a problem for us at Southland!  Thank you to all who came! It was an important time of hearing from our staff and meeting each other.  

One note of mention, and update since the meeting, we will NOT have a launch meeting on Sunday night November 10. I'm sorry for this change.  We will still have an event in early December so we can get to know each other and celebrate Christmas together! More to come on that as far as a date and time and location.

If you couldn't be there this past Sunday and you want us to know that you are indeed interested in learning more about the Richmond Campus and even more interested in jumping into volunteer to make it happen, please email me ASAP at jkoerner@southland.church . Have a great rest of your week Madison County! 

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