Jason Koerner

Richmond Campus Pastor

October 17, 1:43 PM

Let’s Light this Bonfire!

The Bible says that we are to be the “Light of the World” in Matthew 5:14-16! I think it’s safe to say that we could always use more light in Richmond.   Did you know that 89% of Richmond’s population does not go to church? It’s even a higher percentage for EKU students - close to 95%! These are generally not the stats thrown around when people mention the needs in Richmond.  We usually discuss crime, poverty and addiction. None-the-less they all point to a dark place that needs the light of Jesus!  

An image comes to mind of a bonfire.  I have two bonfire piles in my backfield that are full of dead tree limbs, dead leaves and even a few pieces of scrap wood and old cardboard.  All just sitting there until someone brings a light (and maybe in my case some diesel fuel) to it. 

We who call Southland “our church” need to bring our lights into a dying, sad and dark world.  There are other great churches in town also trying to light this fire and get rid of the evil in Richmond but guess what? It takes all of us from all angles, lighting up the pile until it becomes a consuming fire illuminating the night and getting rid of the darkness.  Some bring matches, some bring propane torches, some bring kerosene and some bring a lighter, but we all have the same purpose and goal!  

Let’s be the light together in Richmond and we will all soon be singing Kumbaya around the campfire roasting smores and laughing in evil’s face with God’s joy on ours! 

Further Reading: 1 John 1:5-7

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