Josh Garrett

Associate Campus Pastor - Richmond

November 12, 9:51 AM

Not Yet

While listening to a podcast recently from Pastor Herbert Cooper at People’s Church in Oklahoma City, he made a comment that has really stayed with me. He said, “God is not impressed by the thousands of people who may be coming to your church, what moves the heart of God is...WHO IS NOT HERE YET!”

People’s Church, like Southland, is a church that has multiple campuses in multiple locations with a large number of weekend attenders. What I’ve noticed is that it is really easy to get focused on the large number of attendees and FORGET that there is an even larger number of people who DON’T attend. 

I was told that in Madison County, our county, 89% of the people do not go to church regularly. That is roughly 79,000 people who have no church to call home. This means they do not have a consistent Church community that they are apart of. This means they then have no one they can reach out to when the storms of life begin to beat them down to pray and support them along in their journey. 

Southland has been so blessed because there are a large number of people who attend each and every week. God is not impressed by that. What moves his heart is thinking about those 79,000 faces, names, and stories attached those people in our community who ARE NOT HERE...YET! Our campus is an all-out attack on the YET. We are coming to Richmond because we are concerned with the things God is concerned with. Southland is focused on telling more and more people about Jesus and getting them connected with a healthy, thriving church. 

This week I want to challenge you to carve out 5 minutes to pray specifically for our Richmond Campus. If you already have your phone reminder set for 9:47, you can use this time. Let’s pray for that 89%.  That number greatly grieves me and hopefully, it does you as well. Let’s be bold and ask God to move through our efforts in Richmond that there would be a day when that number is 0%. 

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