Jason Koerner

Richmond Campus Pastor

October 24, 10:32 AM

Worship Night Recap!

What an awesome Worship Night at the Ravine this past Tuesday night! Am I right? It was a fantastic event! What stood out for me is that not only did we have a few hundred people there, but 100 of them were EKU students and faculty along with young couples with little kids and some elderly folks! It was multigenerational like we’ve been talking about around here.  A professor even canceled his class that night so he and his students could attend! Everyone was singing, dancing, raising hands and having a great time. (Keep in mind this is all on a public university campus that was, at one time, known as the “Party School of America!”) We had the EKU T-shirt cannon shooting out our Richmond T-shirts. We had an entire box of shirts to give away to college students, and they were gone before we even finished the night!  The free hot coffee on a cool fall night didn't hurt either, and it let the EKU students know that we love them and welcome them. What was great is that we had the opportunity to meet and connect with so many new people. 

Monday night, Josh and I were invited to speak at EKU’s FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) weekly huddle, share our stories, and talk about Southland. We also invited them to the worship night and it was so cool they came out and of course threw up a pic on Instagram

We had a full-blown Guest Experience team there too with their blue shirts, doing things like parking and greeting! We could not have done it without our volunteers!  

We also had a bunch of college folks stop by while we were setting up and one young lady, in particular, stopped by and introduced herself. Her name was Ashley. She is a single mom with 5 kids, who is in nursing school. While chatting with her, we had the opportunity to just encourage her and let her know we would be praying for her. We also let her know that our church is coming soon and there will be opportunities for her family to connect and be a part of Southland. 

Thank you to everyone that was involved in making the night such a great success!



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